Hi, I was diagnosed by my therapist on base (military doctors) as having 307.89, which is chronic pain due to psychological factors and (to a much lesser extent) a general medical condition.

In order to be diagnosed with 307.89, the patient's complaint of pain must be grossly in excess of what the physical findings/lab results report.

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis six years ago. This was diagnosed via cystoscopy and hydrodistention. My bladder displayed the greatly increased vascularity and petechial hemhorrages that are the hallmark of IC, and biopsies taken confirmed chronic inflammation - severe in my trigone (base of my bladder) and moderate on the sides/top of my bladder. My urologist documented my Interstitial Cystitis as severe at that time, and recommended I pursue bladder removal since there are currently no remedies that are very effective for IC outside of pain management.

If you would like to read about IC, please click on this link:


My new doctor here on base has since confirmed the findings of the first doctor, with another hydrodistention/cystoscopy. Based on the physical findings, my urogyn agreed to provide pain medication for me. I am able to function during the day by kind of trying to ignore the pain, and focusing on other things (and I think I do a very good job of it - I was an Army Officer for several years, and I have drawn upon the skills I learned there, to ignore bodily discomfort and "drive on.") So I requested one Ultram to be used at night, so that I could get restful sleep and not be awakened every fifteen to twenty minutes with nocturia. (Ever tried to go to sleep with a full bladder? Hard, isn't it? IC is a whole lot worse than just having a full bladder.)
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