Go ahead and laugh...my wife and were making love and I usually would use a condom or pull out. Well I pulled out and she used her fingers to capture or scoop the sperm into her vagina. She got pregnant and we had twins. When it happened I was shocked, I couldn't believe it. She wanted another baby but I didn't. I have never told her how betrayed I felt that day. It's hard to keep my silence for six years now and especially when she calls me a liar and cheat. I don't cheat. Nerver have. Now I'm withdrawing from the relationship and looking for a job outside of the state and country. I've been unemployed so it's putting stress on the relationship. I would tell her but I'm afraid she would deny it and say I was a crazy liar. It's better I not tell her my feelings. There's much more to this but I just wanted to give you the jist of it. She's a good mom and she's very pretty. It would be hard to leave her and the kids but this is all I think about.

Pretty good one uh?